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Bon Expose presents the latest discoveries from the wonderful world of art,
design, photography, and much more.
Bon Expose, is a daily updated online museum and visual journey between colors, shapes and creativity under all forms of artistic manifestation and inspirational sources, based on showcases of unique artists worldwide, on the subject’s of art, design, photography, architecture and creative projects.
You will find inspiring collections and galleries in all of our listed categories, authors, and libraries.
Bon Expose, has been created by Leodor Selenier, out of love and passion for art, design and photography, with the hope that people will be able to use the publication and website as a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition.
The Bon Expose, only true goal is to provide you with a constant source of visual greatness that hopefully inspires you to go make something magnificent, beautiful and awe-inspiring.
The Bon Expose delves deeper, finding tomorrow’s icons and classic phenomena.
The Bon Expose is not a trend-setter, trend-watcher, or trend predictor.
The selections are made of what is beautiful and enduring from all that is sought-after in art, design, photography, architecture, urban living, creative projects, and cultures.
The Bon Expose remain admissible by staying ahead of and segregating ourselves of trends and fads.

Bon Expose
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