• Jessica Hische

    Daily Drop Cap is a project by designer and illustrator Jessica Hische.
    Since September of 2009, an illustrative initial cap has been posted daily (or at least regularly), to prettify the internet and beautify your blog posts.

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  • Cryptik Movement

    There is a message behind this concept: Peace, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Universality.
    The artist known as Cryptik doesn’t want you to focus on the idea of the cult of personality…

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  • Luca Barcellona

    Luca Barcellona is 34 years old freelance graphic designer and calligrapher, has his own studio in Milan.
    Letters are the main ingredient of his creations. He teaches calligraphy with the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana and holds workshops in several European cities.

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  • Vertu Constellation

    Kristian Schuller, has shot its upcoming advertising campaign.
    The new creative direction for the brand aims to engage audiences and take them on an extraordinary journey.
    “Kristian is a visionary in fashion photography and was the perfect choice for this campaign,” said Vertu CEO, Massimiliano Pogliani.

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