Artur Szygulski

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Artur Szygulski is designer and illustrator from Wrocław, Poland.
He has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, finding new avenues to express himself.
The level of detail that he manages to achieve is unbelievable.
As he likes to say, that 3D is his full time hobby and it is quite true, ‘because only the artist who is ardently enthusiastic about the art can create such a wonderful and hyper creative artworks.

According to his words, he draws inspiration from several things: nature, music, science and of course, everyday life.
This, let it be called, hyperactive imagination finds its way out in various amazing projects and amazing 3D models that are presented in this post.
When the artist is given to his work, the results are obvious and stunning.

Artur Szygulski

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