Benoit Lapray

Benoit Lapray

Lonely Superheroes

French photographer Benoit Lapray places some of his favorite superheroes on idyllic landscapes in this creative retouching series entitled
“The Quest for the Absolute”.

Artist Statement

“Superheroes by definition are ‘extraordinary’, and extraordinary often rhymes with solitary.
This is a relatively unknown character trait of their personality but it is nevertheless a common feature of all these imaginary vigilantes.
Loneliness: this is what comes out when you first discover this photographic work.
I therefore chose to display the well-known American Comics characters, famous worldwide for their fight against evil and for Freedom and Justice, alone and in natural sceneries.”

The Quest for the Absolute – Lonely Superheroes

“What do our comic book heroes do when they are not face to face with the enemy or trying to save the life of a person in distress? With his series of portraits entitled “The Quest for the Absolute” French photographer, Benoit Lapray, attempts to answer. He captures and freezes the moment during which the famous vigilantes are not in the action and presents them here as lonely beings who wander in nearly deserted landscapes.
Maybe it is for taking their strength in contact with the elements that they are momentarily withdrawn from civilization But perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?”


Benoit Lapray

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