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As you may know, dragons are fictitious mythical beings, which have a special place and meaning in far-east cultures, as similar as in other cultures. It is believed that the image of the dragon brings luck, prosperity, wealth and health …etc to homes, while expelling the evil spirits. Dragons are also particularly characterized as a strong and invincible warriors that many far-eastern communities have chosen this legendary being as a symbol.
Kousyuuya is a small studio in Nikko, Japan, where the very skilled painters are mastering the creating of Hitofude Ryuu (Dragon with one stroke), since four generations.
What goes completely unseen of course are the years upon years of practice, the trials and failures, and the possession of innate talent.
A great example of this are these Japanese dragon paintings that are rendered almost completely with a single stroke of paint.
The following videos show detail how these beautiful dragons are made.
All that is needed are clean paper, various color dyes (I guess some special black and colourful inks and acrylic), and 2 sizes brush (thin one is for head and thick one is for body).
Also you may use gold and silver glitter for decoration.
As it is seen in videos, the relatively complicated part, the head of dragon, is drawn firstly.
After that, the whole body of the Dragon is painted using one specially rhythmic stroke of pure skill. It seems too easy while watching these videos, but we can’t be sure without trying, of course.
One day, if you go to Japan-Nikko and can find this Dragon-picture studio, you may see the making of hand-made dragons with your own-eyes. You may even try to make these dragons with the guide of a master.

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